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We believe in an educated consumer and try to do our part to help. Drain and Sewer work is deceptively simple.

The fact that most of the problems occur hidden down inside small pipes beneath the ground makes it difficult. Difficult to analyze and also difficult to repair.

We also believe a Professional should not be in the "Guessing Game" when it comes to responsible Drain Cleaning practice. At the heart of the solution to these considerations is the Sewer Camera. 

This technological marvel permits a professional specialist to have actual knowledge of what is going on deep down inside the pipe. 

The age of enlightenment in Drain and Sewer work has arrived!



Sewer Camera Inspection - Why It is Indispensible


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When there is a sewage backup or slow drain situation in a home, we do a site inspection to analyze the situation before devising a plan of action. For example, which drains are slow or backing up?  Is it just a single drain having problems?  If so, then the clog is probably in the individual drain lines, not in the large, central house drain or sewer lines. If many drains are involved, then we look for which drain lines these affected ones have in common, and assume the clog is in that larger common line.

Are there available cleanouts which would make for easy access to the drains? Although cleanouts are required by code, older homes usually do not have cleanouts (unless updating drain or sewer work has been performed).

After the preliminary walkthrough inspection,  we decide which drain to enter with our equipment.  We need to do a Sewer Camera inspection to see the condition of the pipes, and to locate and analyze the nature of the clog.  So at this point we are working towards getting our Sewer Camera down into the affected pipe.  We NEED to know what we are dealing with BEFORE we go off on a tangent attempting  to clear the clog. 


Excavation Services


Clog Wrangler is equiped to perform excavation and dirt work as necessary for sewer line repairs and replacements.  On the occasion that our Video Camera Inspections while on a routine clogged drain clearing service call turns up evidence of sewer pipe trouble, we will discuss the findings and show you the video too, and discuss the situation. It is possible that repair or replacement of part or all of your sewer lateral pipe will be necessary. We will walk you through this situation, making sure you understand what the facts are and also what the alternative approaches and their costs are to fix it.Final-Grading-After-Sewer-Replacement-(6450)--SMALL


Did the Plumber's Clog Clearing Attempt .....Work?

This is a representation of three, 4-inch diameter pipes (pipes A, B & C) as viewed from the end of the pipe (cross-section).

The brown color indicates a clog. The black color is clear and open pipe.

The % of each pipe clogged up (brown part) is indicated below each diagram. Pipe C on the right has NO clog while Pipe A on the left is Completely clogged.

 This is a representation of three 4 inch drain pipes GRAPHIC ONLY

         Pipe A                               Pipe B                      Pipe C

      Completely                            Still                   Clear and Open 

   (100%) Clogged                  94% Clogged             0% Clogged

                                           AFTER snaking it !



Pipe B is, unfortunately, what can be the end-RESULT of a typical plumber's cable cleaning effort - done without Using a Video Camera to inspect and confirm the work results. The cable tool (sewer snake) punches a hole in the clog but does not remove the whole clog.

The REALITY: Neither the homeowner nor Plumber will ever know without Using a Video Camera AFTER cleaning to verify and confirm the work!



Sewer Repair and Replacement


Like many components of a home, sewer lines can be damaged and require repair or replacement. Damage can occur just from age, deteriorating over time buried in the ground. But usually there is an external cause such as tree root intrusion, or being crushed by the weight above the pipe, and even by gas/water/electrical service installation which penetrates the sewer line. Poor materials (orangeburg pipe) or poor installation can also result in premature failure of the sewer pipe. The pipe could sag eliminating the necessary slope of the pipe due to settling of the backfil base beneath the pipe.

Whatever the cause of a failed sewer line, the solution is to replace the damaged pipe either in part or whole, as appropriate. The sewer line could be leaking raw sewage into the surrounding ground and contaminating the groundwater - which could end up contaminating the drinking water supply. Did you know that the primary reason city water supplies must be kept to a minimum pressure level is to prevent infiltration of contaminants into the water lines and system? Such an infiltration could potentially kill hundreds or thousands of people.